1, 2, 3… 4… What the hell? Yes, it’s my 5th album as Runaway Droid. Crazy! Anyways, it’s out today on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, more links here. If you’re old school or would really like to support all my music is also available for purchase on Bandcamp! For lyrics and more info checkout the album page for V on this site.


This album differs from my previous releases as it has a sort of a more unified theme and feel to it. Whereas my previous releases have been more or less sort of compilations of the music I liked to make at the time.

V is more dark and heavy from start to finish. I have my musical roots in playing metal and rock guitar in bands, so that melancholy and dark tones are where I always seem to come back to at some point. The oddest bird on the album is called “Weaponized”. I don’t know what genre that is. Don’t ask.

I also dug back to some musical themes I composed during my band years and gave them another spin as instrumentals on Cryogenics and Time.

I’d sum this album as some sort of mix of Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Electronic Rock and film/game music(?).


On this album I have two collab tracks but three collaborators. The track number 2. called Elements was an instrumental I wanted to have vocals on. So I sent it to my old band mate an vocalist R0kyu here in Helsinki and got back a really cool chorus melody and lyrical theme. At this point the track started to feel even more like Linkin Park, So why not have rap on verses?! And when I want rap Mark Cooper from Detroit is the man for the job! After Elements I used the same chorus melody on piano to make a nice instrumental piece called Resolution to carry out the theme.

The track number 6. Something Blue was released as a single last autumn for Halloween. Featuring another amazing vocalist from the U.S. Tarot Blood wrote the lyrics and vocal melody over my instrumental piece.


  1. Cloud Collapse
  2. Elements (feat. R0kyu & Mark Cooper)
  3. Resolution
  4. Growl
  5. Cryogenics
  6. Something Blue (feat. Tarot Blood)
  7. Reassembled
  8. The Convergence
  9. Weaponized
  10. Time
  11. Killswitch (Killmix)
  12. Elements (Instrumental)
  13. Something Blue (Instrumental)

Now What?

I’m already working on the next album… Okay that’s a big fat lie. Because it’s actually pretty much done. But let’s focus on this release for a while first? All I can say the 6th album will be pretty much the opposite to this one. If V is dark and melancholy the next one is more Synthwave, more Outrun, more summer and more fun!

In the meantime waiting for the Covid vaccine and working remotely pretty much the past year. Maybe we can travel and have live gigs some day again?