Another Monday another single release. If you still need some last minute motivation to get in beach shape put on my Training Program! This one is more 80’s and Outrun side of Synthwave so any retro lover out there should check it out. Download for free on Bandcamp (happy Bandcampers please use a fan account and leave a note!) or stream on services like Spotify. If you like it please add it to your Spotify playlists!

There’s one more single release on Monday two weeks from now with “Apocalypse Rewired”, and then a few weeks or so before the third Runaway Droid album!

Live Action

Last summer when I started this one man project I had no inclinations to do anything live with Synthwave, especially since guitar is my native instrument. But as it happens one year later and three albums worth of material I ordered a Keytar a few days ago. So let’s see if I can shred that thing in a decent manner to put on a live set. I’m not a DJ so I’d want my live to be entertaining and actually play some synths and maybe a guitar too. We’ll see, I’ll probably die trying.