It's new album time again! 'Dangerous' is my 6th album as Runaway Droid since 2018. Huh. That's a lot of albums. Luckily Spotify has made this regularly updating playlist of the essential tracks, great for any new listeners to check out the discography.


While the last album 'V' was all about Cyberpunk and cinematic vibes, 'Dangerous' is a return to the happier and lighter 80's sound with more uptempo tracks. This time I didn't include any tracks with vocals and kept the theme more or less the same to have a tighter package. Should be a good soundtrack for driving a car at night. Like Synthwave is meant to.

Some of the tracks were made already right after 'Lightyears' in the spring of 2020 and some a year later. So I have a lot of unreleased tracks I chose not to include on the album, but I'm planning to release an Extended Edition with probably 20+ tracks at some point. A few with vocals / vocoder in that bunch.

There are 5 completely new tracks, 5 already released as singles and a remix of 'Time Warp' from my first album.


  1. DANCE
  2. Dangerous
  3. Highway One
  4. Clandestine Operations
  5. Fast Lane
  6. Training Montage
  7. Black Rain
  8. M.A.C.H.I.N.E.
  9. High-Speed
  10. Reflections
  11. Time Warp (OUTATIME Mix)

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