All right, all right. The second full length Runaway Droid album came out just yesterday. Titled Explorers it contains 10 tracks with a strong retro feeling. While writing these tracks I didn't really listen to much other Synthwave but actual hit music from the 1980's, which is what I listen to mostly anyways. So I'm not sure if this passes truly as Synthwave. Maybe Retro Electro? I'm not that great at classifying genres or staying within genre limits, so whatever. Good music is good music no matter what genre, right? If you like some of my tracks, do me a solid and add them to your Spotify playlists! Get it on Spotify, Bandcamp, or choose any other service.

Combat Mode

While I was working on this album I also wrote one heavier or darker track that didn't fit with this retro theme. It's more of a Dark Synth (Darth Synth? Droids, Star Wars and all...) type of tune called Combat Mode and will come out as a single on May 23rd.


At the moment I have a bunch of things going on, but I'm already making the album number 3. Let's see if I can release three albums within a year?