As promised in the previous post a new single dropped out last week. Combat Mode is now streaming on Spotify and other digital outlets. If you're old school and like to download files to your magic box all Runaway Droid releases are now for FREE on Bandcamp!

Combat Mode

More to Come

The 3rd Runaway Droid album is already in the works and I have a super funky title for it. Which I'm not gonna reveal yet! Actually I already have tracks worth of a new album but I'll be writing more new stuff and pick out the best ones.

Although my synth activities will be reduced a bit for a while as my rock band is resurrecting after quite a hiatus back to rehearsals and into the studio next month to record a 4 track EP. We had a small "gig" recently and I have some new-found motivation to play rock live again so I'm excited to see what will come of that.