It's time for the monthly single release! South Beach Chase Sequence (try to pronounce that quickly!) is out today! Last month we went into Cyberpunk for Blade Runner month but this time we'll take a U-turn to supercharged Outrun!

I'm trying to release new music monthly, so be sure to hit follow on Spotify to get fresh tunes every month. At the moment I'm working on the 4th Runaway Droid album that's coming out in the first quarter of 2020. Seems it's going to be half instrumental and half vocal tracks.

New York

A few weeks ago around Thanksgiving I visited New York with my girlfriend Eve (the female police officer voice on the track above is her by the way!) and her family for her birthday. We flew in through Dublin, Ireland and spent a few hours there walking her sister's dogs on the beach. The last time I was in NYC was in 2014 to see X Japan play Madison Square Garden. Still love that city, probably my favorite city on Earth! Feels like home. We stayed at Aloft Manhattan which I can highly recommend. It wasn't too pricey and the staff was super nice!

Vulcan hello from Top of the Rock

We went to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, visited Top of the Rock for Manhattan sunset views, saw Messiah at Carnegie Hall and explored Manhattan, Central Park and Brooklyn.

The day after Thanksgiving I got to meet the true synth samurai and creative force C Z A R I N A. Her latest Music Short Film BLAZE: Dances of the Yokai just won like a ton of awards!

I brought her some Helsinki Synth City merch with a mystery package from Levinsky and got a CZARINA T-shirt and her branded Black Rosé Cider.

Akira themed C Z A R I N A shirt and Black Rosé Cider by Skald Brewing. Designs by DeadlyKawaii.
C Z A R I N A - Blaze: Dances of the Yokai

Be sure to follow her on Spotify for C Z A R I N A : DECODED remix album coming out on Dec 20th featuring among other talents my Helsinki Synth City bros Ace Buchannon & Levinsky!

After lunch she gave us a tour of the neighbourhood (Williamsburg's got a cool music store with retro synths, I got to try an authentic Minimoog!) and took us to Catbird, a jewellery store I asked her to recommend a few weeks before the trip where I could get my girlfriend's birthday present. Specifically I needed a place to get moonstone jewellery. I bought a ring.

Catbird New York
Looking for moonstones

Oh yes, it was an engagement ring. She just didn't know it yet. The next day was Eve's birthday so in the evening after sunset I lead her to Brooklyn Heights Promenade and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Thank God. The whole day was quite unnerving walking around with the ring in my pocket trying to get her to the location at the right time without raising suspicion. After getting back to the hotel and surprising her dad and sister with the happy news we went to have a ton of cake at Ferrara in Little Italy.

On Dec 2 it started snowing heavily while we headed back home to Finland through Dublin again. Had a few hours of sleep there and then flew Dublin - Stockholm - Helsinki. New York we'll be back!

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge feat. Runaway Droid