"Like Frankie said we did it Synthwave" ...or something! Here's the Bon Jovi cover I did with Millennium Falck. Out on streaming services on March 9.

We also filmed a live music video at Helsinki Synth City - Winter Warmer on February 1 at Tiivistämö in Helsinki, Finland.

Thanks to all the wonderful #synthfam people who rocked with us the whole night! We had 4 live Synthwave sets by Millennium Falck, Levinsky, Glowline and Runaway Droid. I started my set at midnight so this was the last song of the night.

Filmed by Jere Hyppönen & Juho Karenko. Lights by Glowline/Tiivistämö.

New Album

I'm still working on the 4th album. It's been taking a bit longer than my previous albums as I have featuring artists doing vocals for some of the tracks. I now plan to release it in late April or June.

As usual it will be a hot mess of subgenres from Dark Synth to sparkly 80's Synthpop to some funky stuff and everything in between.

The album will have about 12-15 tracks in total. 5 or 6 already released singles and one of them will be a new vocal version. I'm releasing a new track called "Way to the Stars" from the album on April 6. I'm doing some vocoder on this one. Pre-Save to Spotify today!