October 27, 2020

Something Blue

I have neglected this blog after the last album last spring, while I've been releasing new tracks monthly, so here're some updates about music and life!

First things first, so here's my latest single release "Something Blue" with Tarot Blood. Stream on Spotify or buy from Bandcamp or on your preferred platform here.

This was a heavy and downtempo track I composed and produced last spring that I felt really would fit well for some epic vocals. I've been compiling my own playlists on Spotify (more of which later on this blog) and that's how I found Tarot Blood who wrote the lyrics, vocal melodies and obviously delivered the amazing singing on this track.

Mixing the track with vocals was a bit of a process but luckily I got some professional help for the final mixdown and master by Syst3m Glitch.

We wanted to time the release of this haunting song for Halloween as it's got some gothic and mystic vibes and is really hard to put in any one genre, let alone in Synthwave.

Actually, by the way! I just got married earlier this month! Whaaaat?! yes that's right!

So coincidentally the track title is quite fitting. Though the lyrics are by Tarot Blood and not about me, haha!

Here's our official wedding picture with my beautiful Wi-Fie. Shot in front of the Helsinki Synth City Festival 2019 venue Ääniwalli in Helsinki Finland. Image by Kormugraphy.


After the last album LIGHTYEARS I've released 4 singles. I want to highlight Maverick, a Top Gun (1986) film and soundtrack inspired song. Pure 80's vocals and lyrics by the awesome Syst3m Glitch. Stream on Spotify or on your favorite platform.

Playlists on Spotify

So I've been curating my own public playlists on Spotify for a few months now. I started with a playlist of some less heard or unknown but really sweet Synthwave & Retrowave. Tune in and give it a follow on Spotify!

The second playlist I started a bit later is for more hard and heavy hitting Cyberpunk synth tunes. Check out Cyberpunk FM.

What's next?

Almost exactly 2 years 1 month ago I released my first single Activation Sequence on this project. So happy 2-year birthday to Runaway Droid! Last year I wrote about my first year on producing Synthwave. The world and this scene has changed a lot since then. Definitely feels like more than a year. Since last October I've done my first 4 live performances as Runaway Droid, the last one in February. And then suddenly nobody got to play live anymore anywhere and the whole world shut down because of Covid-19. At the moment I'm not planning to do any live performances so let's revisit that topic some day the pandemic is over.

Something Blue is the first single from by forthcoming 5th Runaway Droid album. This one is going to be, at least I think so, a bit more musically unified and less random and leans more on the Cyberpunk side of Synthwave sounds. Expect huge hard hitting distortion basses as well some sweater cinematic instrumental themes and haunting pianos. The planned release time is during the first quarter of 2021.

I've been releasing every month this year and plan to keep this schedule going, so follow me on Spotify to get new releases directly into your Release Radar every month! The next single called Growl is coming out on November 16th. Pre-Save Growl to Spotify or Pre-Add to Apple Music.

Let's just hope the world is in a bit better place by the next album.

Happy Halloween & Stay Safe!

June 12, 2020


It's finally here! The 4th Runaway Droid album LIGHTYEARS! Available on all platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp and many more.

A lot has changed since the last blog post. We all now about the global pandemic, COVID-19 and how it has affected everyone in every aspect of life. Also the following protests and riots in the US and globally. So I won't get too much into that in this blog post. It's probably not the best time to release a record, but here we go.


This one is the most versatile and biggest album I've done so far. Also the most time consuming. I started to make tracks for the album right after the previous one in August 2019 and released some of them as singles during the past 8-10 months or so. I wouldn't call this a Synthwave album, actually I have no idea how to categorize it. You tell me! Basically I just set out to do music and tracks I wanted to do and felt like worth doing and most importantly, having fun! There's some "general Synthwave", Outrun, Cyberpunk, Rock, Rap, Future Funk, Metal... All kinds of fun!

Really it's like a collection of tracks I wanted to do. In terms of a concept release, I have an EP coming up later this year that actually has a theme.

It's also different from the previous albums which were all instrumentals. This time I've got a lot of friends from around the world doing vocal collaborations so that's a whole different process and workflow. The album name was coined by Mark Cooper, who's doing some awesome rap on two tracks: On the Line & Trek Wars. I had difficulties coming up with a name that would sum up this hot mess of an album, and there it was, so obvious! Spanning over decades and genres.


The album starts with an instrumental called "F.U.N.K." that leads to an 80's pop/rock vocal track "Moonwalker" performed by C Z A R I N A. I had the honor of meeting her in last November in New York. Feels really surreal right now, when there's no way to travel anywhere. When I wrote this track she was the first person in my mind to do the vocals. Fortunately she agreed to do it! As an instrumental guy, I always struggle when writing lyrics to a melody. Luckily she has a super power to transform and render my halting lines into a real song!



The next vocal collab track is "Hellbound" featuring R0kyu. My bandmate from the rock band KARMIA we did almost a decade and laid to rest last year. Hellbound is a track we did in 2015 and felt like it needed to be reborn.

On the Line & Trek Wars

Next in line is "On the line" featuring aforementioned Mark Cooper, also known as Player One, from Detroit. I haven't met this super cool Nerdcore rapper in person yet, but I hope we can meet and perform together after all the pandemic and mayhem settles down. Mark is on this album two times! "Trek Wars" is a new track where I wanted to do some metal guitar riffs over "gaming music" sound with a Synthwave/Cyberpunk core. I sent it to Mark and all he needed was 2 hours, a few ideas for the theme and so this epic Nerdcore rap of Star Wars and Star Trek was born. He's a master of his craft and can write rap and vocal hooks instantly without breaking a sweat.

Rocket Machine

"Rocket Machine" was originally an instrumental track released as a single (also as a bonus track on this album), which got a complete make over by my Helsinki Synth City brother Levinsky. If I know a man so true to his art and integrity, it's this guy. I don't think you can hear him sing anywhere that you could easily find, so check out this powerful 80's/70's heavy metal vocal rendition. Authentic, that's the word.

Thunder in Your Eyes

Yet another collab from the US is "Thunder in You Eyes" by Colin Cayvz. We met by change last August in Las Vegas in a karaoke bar. I had this Outrun/80's rock track I felt needed vocals. I wrote some lyrics and melody and sent his way. I was thinking "I probably wrote this too high...", but I got back exactly what I wrote! Man this guy can reach some pretty high notes!


It's My Life

The last vocal track on the album is a Bon Jovi cover we did with Millennium Falck for a Helsinki Synth City live event "Winter Warmer" held February 1st, 2020. Little did we know about the impending pandemic at the time and that would be the last live concert in a while. I had the idea of a cover to end the night about two weeks before the show, as my set was going to be the last one and started putting it together. We both had to learn pretty quickly to play it live and actually first time practiced it together at the soundcheck. I did some vocoder singing while playing guitar, though I don't think the audience heard my vocals at all. Falck did stellar job just jumping in my crazy idea and delivering the live vocals perfectly! Below is a video from the event. The version on the album is remixed and has some new tricks up to its sleeve.


As the world is a mess right now I don't know when I can play live the next time. Or even if the venues are still there. I guess I could as well reveal that I was going to play a gig in Los Angeles this summer with some friends over there while on my vacation. So that went down the drain before even announcing anything! A lot of plans and gigs and whatnot has been cancelled or postponed and then cancelled. Personally I'm not really into live streaming gigs and playing into emptiness, so probably won't be doing that sort of thing. Call me a boomer, I don't care! I need the energy from a live audience to make it worthwhile for both you and me. I hope to meet you all again on stage at some point!


  1. F.U.N.K.
  2. Moonwalker (feat. C Z A R I N A)
  3. Binary Stars
  4. Hellbound (feat. R0kyu)
  5. Factory Reset
  6. Trek Wars (feat. Mark Cooper)
  7. Way to the Stars
  8. South Beach Chase Sequence
  9. On the Line (feat. Mark Cooper)
  10. Robots Just Wanna Have Fun
  11. Memory Core
  12. Rocket Machine (feat. Levinsky)
  13. Infiltrate
  14. Thunder in Your Eyes (feat. Colin Cayvz)
  15. Last Defence
  16. Reconfiguration (Cyberpunk Mix)
  17. It’s My Life (feat. Millennium Falck)
  18. Rocket Machine (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
  19. Thunder in Your Eyes (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)

February 17, 2020

February Single Release, Live Footage and Music Video News

It's time for the monthly single release! This February I have this game music / Dark Synth influenced slow ambient~ish but sort of brutal instrumental track "Last Defence". Imagine a war of robots in a distant world somewhere in time and space where the gigantic enemy machines are rumbling over the last defences of the resistance.

Helsinki Synth City - Winter Warmer

On February 1st I performed my second live of the year at Helsinki Synth City - Winter Warmer event at Tiivistämö in Helsinki with Millennium Falck, Levinsky & Glowline. I think this was my best gig I've ever done in any band or project. Even though I had vocoder issues but the audience was so awesome! You guys made me super happy! I had my friends Jere & Juho filming the beatifully lit (by Glowline) event, some cool slow motion footage below. The sweet keytar photo on the top of the page is by Matias Räisänen.

Music Video

I got to close the event with my set and the last song I performed with Millennium Falck was a cover of Bon Jovi's It's My Life. It was a crazy idea I thought would be cool 2 weeks before the event. "Hey if I'll make this cover will you sing?" "Sure!" "Also let's make a music video of it!" "Hell yeah!". So next month on March 9 the single will be on Spotify and the music video (probably earlier, in a week or so) on my YouTube channel. This is the first cover I've done in years and the first on this project. Licensing a cover song was surprisingly easy by Harry Fox Agency through DistroKid. So no worries, it's done by the book.


What's Next?

I'm still working on my 4th album I intended to release in March. The project has grown a bit from what I first thought it would be, so I may have to push the release a month or two. Meanwhile that Bon Jovi cover is hitting Spotify and in any case I'm releasing every month, so hit the Follow button Spotify to get the latest releases on your Release Radar!

I'm looking into cool live performance opportunities and may have some exciting news for the summer! If you'd like to book Runaway Droid email me!

July 8, 2019

Training Program

Another Monday another single release. If you still need some last minute motivation to get in beach shape put on my Training Program! This one is more 80's and Outrun side of Synthwave so any retro lover out there should check it out. Download for free on Bandcamp (happy Bandcampers please use a fan account and leave a note!) or stream on services like Spotify. If you like it please add it to your Spotify playlists!

There's one more single release on Monday two weeks from now with "Apocalypse Rewired", and then a few weeks or so before the third Runaway Droid album!

Live Action

Last summer when I started this one man project I had no inclinations to do anything live with Synthwave, especially since guitar is my native instrument. But as it happens one year later and three albums worth of material I ordered a Keytar a few days ago. So let's see if I can shred that thing in a decent manner to put on a live set. I'm not a DJ so I'd want my live to be entertaining and actually play some synths and maybe a guitar too. We'll see, I'll probably die trying.

June 24, 2019

Broken Code

First Single from the upcoming 3rd Runaway Droid album is now out on all platforms and free on Bandcamp. Broken Code is a bit darker, but still melodic yet very danceable tune. Call it Dark Synth, Cyberpunk, EDM, I don't know.

Compared to my previous album Explorers the 3rd one will have more heavier tracks included with the cheesy 80's Synthpop influenced tracks. I like to have a variety or vibes within an album and don't really care about strict definitions of Synthwave genres and how it's different from the actual 80's creations. The driving force and influences behind my tracks are the radio hits of the 1980's and the Synthpop of that era, not really the pure Synthwave produced in modern day.

Release Schedule

Next releases will be a 2nd Single titled Training Program on July 8th and a third Single called Apocalypse Rewired on July 22. The latter is actually a track I wrote back in 2012 and revamped it to be more synth bass driven. It has a lot of guitars. The album will most likely be out on August 5 or 12. It will be the third Runaway Droid album within a year since starting this project.

In Other News

The Explorers album was just reviewed at Imperiumi (A Finnish Metal webzine covering Synthwave and other genres as well) as 8+, which is awesome! I've also been seeing my tracks popping up on new playlists on Spotify which all I ever wanted from that service. Also a huge thank you to all of you beautiful people who actually pay money for my tracks on Bandcamp, everything on my site is free so that makes you extra special!

May 27, 2019

Combat Mode

As promised in the previous post a new single dropped out last week. Combat Mode is now streaming on Spotify and other digital outlets. If you're old school and like to download files to your magic box all Runaway Droid releases are now for FREE on Bandcamp!

Combat Mode

More to Come

The 3rd Runaway Droid album is already in the works and I have a super funky title for it. Which I'm not gonna reveal yet! Actually I already have tracks worth of a new album but I'll be writing more new stuff and pick out the best ones.

Although my synth activities will be reduced a bit for a while as my rock band is resurrecting after quite a hiatus back to rehearsals and into the studio next month to record a 4 track EP. We had a small "gig" recently and I have some new-found motivation to play rock live again so I'm excited to see what will come of that.

May 8, 2019


All right, all right. The second full length Runaway Droid album came out just yesterday. Titled Explorers it contains 10 tracks with a strong retro feeling. While writing these tracks I didn't really listen to much other Synthwave but actual hit music from the 1980's, which is what I listen to mostly anyways. So I'm not sure if this passes truly as Synthwave. Maybe Retro Electro? I'm not that great at classifying genres or staying within genre limits, so whatever. Good music is good music no matter what genre, right? If you like some of my tracks, do me a solid and add them to your Spotify playlists! Get it on Spotify, Bandcamp, or choose any other service.

Combat Mode

While I was working on this album I also wrote one heavier or darker track that didn't fit with this retro theme. It's more of a Dark Synth (Darth Synth? Droids, Star Wars and all...) type of tune called Combat Mode and will come out as a single on May 23rd.


At the moment I have a bunch of things going on, but I'm already making the album number 3. Let's see if I can release three albums within a year?

February 11, 2019

Mission Protocol

Put on some spandex tights and get ready for your aerobic class of the day. As today I have released a new single to go along with your 80’s workout videos! Or imagine a TopGun type action-romance movie from the future past and turn your Spotify on max.

The first track called Mission Protocol features retro sounds and more action with a groovy bassline, while A.I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight is a more romantic and ballad like tune.

At the moment both tracks are availaible for free on Bandcamp as well on Spotify and most streaming services.

Usually I have problems keeping a consistent theme or even a genre with multiple tracks but I’m working on to make an album of this type of material. I’ll be back.

February 2, 2019

System Online

First Transmission. Hello, I'm Ana, composer/producer of Runaway Droid. I'll be blogging news about the project and maybe Synthwave in general.

At Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida.

Long story short: Originally I'm a guitar player and have shredded away for about two decades. I still play in a rock band. Last summer I had some time off from band activities and tried my hand on Synthwave, so now we're here. You can check out my tracks on Spotify or support on Bandcamp.

Miami, Palm Trees, Sport Cars, Ocean Drive...

Runaway Droid has a new single called Mission Protocol coming out on Feb. 11th. The two tracks are packed with 1980's action-romance, so be sure to check it out in a few weeks.

I was lucky to start this year spending my winter vacation in Miami, though I wrote those tracks prior the trip, I'll be adding new influences to forthcoming releases. My Instagram's got more vibes from the trip. Right now Finland feels super cold and dry. No palm trees here!

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