First Single from the upcoming 3rd Runaway Droid album is now out on all platforms and free on Bandcamp. Broken Code is a bit darker, but still melodic yet very danceable tune. Call it Dark Synth, Cyberpunk, EDM, I don't know.

Compared to my previous album Explorers the 3rd one will have more heavier tracks included with the cheesy 80's Synthpop influenced tracks. I like to have a variety or vibes within an album and don't really care about strict definitions of Synthwave genres and how it's different from the actual 80's creations. The driving force and influences behind my tracks are the radio hits of the 1980's and the Synthpop of that era, not really the pure Synthwave produced in modern day.

Release Schedule

Next releases will be a 2nd Single titled Training Program on July 8th and a third Single called Apocalypse Rewired on July 22. The latter is actually a track I wrote back in 2012 and revamped it to be more synth bass driven. It has a lot of guitars. The album will most likely be out on August 5 or 12. It will be the third Runaway Droid album within a year since starting this project.

In Other News

The Explorers album was just reviewed at Imperiumi (A Finnish Metal webzine covering Synthwave and other genres as well) as 8+, which is awesome! I've also been seeing my tracks popping up on new playlists on Spotify which all I ever wanted from that service. Also a huge thank you to all of you beautiful people who actually pay money for my tracks on Bandcamp, everything on my site is free so that makes you extra special!